Les voy a pasar un tip para que puedan pasar por una celebridad pero a un tercio del precio. Como ustedes saben constantemente tengo que invertir en mis outfits y aunque generalmente promuevo marcas cien por ciento alcanzables, siempre me tientan la elegancia de Prada Y.. read more →

This post was taken before my fall, and the result was a sprained ankle the doctor told me I´m ok, but I have to be three weeks with the walking brace boot, meanwhile enjoy this post, while I´m taking some days to rest and be prepared for the next posts. I always want to feel.. read more →

31 may 2013
mayo 31, 2013

Emmerald Green color of 2013

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How is your friday today Emmerald green stole my heart and Looks like this color has taken the fashion world by storm, and is one of the biggest 2013 trends. I show you how can you wear this color and combine with many different others, Emmerald Green is everywhere: nails, shoes, dresses, skirts, shirts, and.. read more →

03 may 2013
mayo 3, 2013

Preppy & Espadrilles Friday!!

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Hi Hellooo ¿How is your Friday? Today I want to talk about Preppy term and meaning, and I want to quote wikipedia meaning, that I love it! is a particular subcultural speech, vocabulary, dress, mannerisms,etiquette, and accent reflective of an upper-class, Some typical preppy styles also reflect traditional upper class New England leisure activities, such.. read more →

10 abr 2013
abril 10, 2013

Polka dot the new jeans!

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How are you? Today I want to show you this spring trend one of the hottest on denim prints right now are polka dots, I have seen them everywhere in Zara, Gap, Banana, Forever 21, Mango, Nordstrom, Banana, Pull & Bear, Bershka, etc. Gap surprised me cause all the prints and shapes in jeans are.. read more →

Hi How are you? I´m so excited cause I´m doing one of my favorite hobbies at home since last week, remodeling and decorating the second floor, it´s great to feel your own place in peace and with your personal touch!! that´s the same you have to do with your outfits in order with trends in.. read more →

Hola llego el dia tan esperado por mí, para comer rosca de reyes, tradición mexicana,  que celebramos con  amigos o familia y que mejor ocasion para vestirse con este look que escojí muy cómodo de leggings y una camisa de satin azul  con cuello brillante me encanta la combinacion, pueden usarlo con botines, botas o.. read more →