This is January and I´m looking for comfortable outfits that can be used for any season specially for mid season. I´m Trying to find affordable brands online just for you and I Just found amazing looks at this site is new and they offer mostly Boho Chic clothes, casual outfits and night dresses, and.. read more →

30 ene 2015
enero 30, 2015

The Most wanted “Veiled Beanie”

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                Accessories such as veils, hats or beanies are in the spotlight this season, specially cause they can go almost with everything, they’re mixed and matched into this new trend everyone’s kinda loving: VEILED BEANIES! Forget the bride’s white veil or the classic 1940’s hat. Today it’s all about this.. read more →

It could be early holiday spirit, because in my city we still have sunny days, but gold and metallics have become inescapable hues for accessories and clothing, even in summer we have seen a lot from this trend specially in accesories. Full gilded looks and metallic accents are glistening on the racks, we have seen.. read more →

28 may 2014
mayo 28, 2014

Mix Prints!!

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  When these photos were taken, I had not twisted my ankle, because all my friends ask me about how can I do it with high heels, by now is almost a month with the boot so I´am very happy that I no longer will use it. The Photos of this post were taken in.. read more →

31 ene 2014
enero 31, 2014

A walk in Palma de Mallorca!

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Today I´m living again my last visit to Palma de Mallorca, I want to show you the beautiful places that I have been to last week  with my hubby. Palma de Mallorca comes as a surprise to many people "it is stylish, sophisticated, intimate, yet bursting with life, located on the southern shores of Mallorca,.. read more →

12 dic 2013
diciembre 12, 2013

My Favorite things

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A Fur Vest o faux fur vest is one of the most useful fur peaces you can own, I wear them with everything , for the rest of the year.Over an evening gown or cocktail dress, a fur vest keeps me warm and much more glamorously, it also works over a blouse with jeans or.. read more →

03 may 2013
mayo 3, 2013

Preppy & Espadrilles Friday!!

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Hi Hellooo ¿How is your Friday? Today I want to talk about Preppy term and meaning, and I want to quote wikipedia meaning, that I love it! is a particular subcultural speech, vocabulary, dress, mannerisms,etiquette, and accent reflective of an upper-class, Some typical preppy styles also reflect traditional upper class New England leisure activities, such.. read more →